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On average, we spend one third of our lives sleeping. The last room we see at night and the first room we look at when we open our eyes in the morning is the bedroom.  So when focusing our energy on home interiors, why is it that the bedroom is so often last in the queue?

There is a tendency to lavish attention on the other areas of the home that are more visible to guests, which is understandable, but it’s your home and you matter too! So instead of skimping on this area of your home, why not add a little luxury to your every day life and create a relaxing, decadent environment in your own bedroom?


Regardless of the size of your budget, with a little creativity and a meticulously planned layout and design, you will be surprised at what you can accomplish! Use mood boards, draw up a floor plan and brainstorm your ideas until you are clear about the look you are aiming to achieve.


Base the interior design of your room around a key focal point; this will usually be the bed, which should take centre stage in the room. If your current bed is not up to the job, either give it a makeover or look for a suitable replacement. Choose a style and design that will give your bedroom the wow factor!


The first thing that springs to mind when you think about hotel rooms is comfort. An excellent quality mattress is crucial, if your mattress has seen better days or is not giving you the level of comfort and support you need for a deep, rejuvenating sleep, it’s time to bite the bullet and get shot of it!

Out with the old and in with the new. Every item and detail you introduce to your new, hotel style bedroom should match and coordinate seamlessly with the rest of the room.

  • Bedding – Choose sumptuous bedding with a high thread count and plump pillows, for maximum comfort.
  • Towels – Thick, fluffy gorgeous towels are essential; particularly if you have an ensuite as the bathroom design should be a seamless continuation of the ‘hotel experience’.
  • Tactile – Sheepskin or wool rugs will increase comfort underfoot and give you something to lose your toes in! Add plush headboard, luxurious tactile curtains and rich textures to create a sumptuous, comfortable space.


Think about the sort of features you could introduce to the room to make it look and feel more luxurious. An integrated TV Bed that operates at the push of a button, automated light fittings, scented candles, fresh flowers. What sort of luxuries would enhance your experience? Use your imagination!


Select items of furniture to compliment the design of the room, without overcrowding the space. Bedside tables with matching lamps look great and are highly practical too. A dressing table with a lamp may work well and you could display your favourite perfumes on it! Cosy chairs in the bedroom provide the perfect spot for reading or enjoying a morning coffee!

A unique, statement light fitting is an excellent way to express your personality in your interior design.


Once you have created your luxurious bedroom retreat, you must maintain it if you want to walk into the hotel experience whenever you enter the room.

An unmade bed and yesterday’s socks on the floor and before you know it, that luxury experience will start to unravel before your very eyes…!