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With cold and flu viruses floating around, cold outdoor temperatures and shorter days, at this time of year there comes a time when you need a restorative boost to rejuvenate you and make you feel human again!

Refreshing your bedroom and making it as gorgeous and cosy as possible is a great way to give yourself some TLC, so why not try surrounding yourself with the creature comforts you need to feel wonderful.

Check out our following suggestions for inspiration:



One of the most important items in your bedroom is your mattress. It is easy to understand why it is so crucial to buy the best you can afford; with the right mattress support, you will sleep like a baby and wake up bright as a button, but if your mattress is pants, you are more likely to get out of bed like a bear with a sore head  every morning…

A quality mattress will last for 10 years, so do yourself (and your back) a favour and invest in a decent one!

Another great way to transform your comfort in bed is with a great quality mattress topper.  Many people swear by the memory foam toppers but this is a personal choice and there are several other options including lamb’s wool or feather down toppers.

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That feeling when you get into bed after the bedding has been changed and your sheets are all crisp, clean and smelling gorgeous is the sort of heavenly feeling that should be bottled.

For an instant feel good fix of bliss – simply strip your bed and change your bedding!

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Have a good sort out and blitz all clutter from your surfaces, wardrobe, drawers and bedside table. Bedrooms often become cluttered with the contents of our pockets and handbags, leaving an unsightly trail…

Just leave things like your reading glasses, a current book some scented candles on view and create the sort of haven that is conducive to relaxation!


Over the winter season, you will feel far cosier and snug when you surround yourself with feel good, fluffy textures. Place a deep pile rug at the side of your bed, drape a soft throw over the foot of your bed, or cover your chair with a sheepskin rug. I feel sleepy just thinking about all of that cosiness!

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Choosing great bedding is more complicated than identifying a pattern or colour you love, to feel truly comfortable in bed, you need to carefully consider your choice of material too.

Again, this is a very personal choice so you may need to experiment a little, but the best options are the natural, breathable fabrics such as linen, Egyptian cotton or brushed cotton.  Quality bedding will last for years and any investment that makes you feel good and sleep well is a good one!


Treat yourself to some new cushions, to dress your bed and make it look fantastic. You can create loads of different looks by combining different sized cushions in different ways. Be sure to include a couple of large plump ones, to use as a comfortable prop for those early nights and lazy mornings when you are reading, watching TV or chatting in bed!

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