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At this time of year, there is an emphasis on getting our homes ready for entertaining over the holiday season, creating the perfect homely backdrop for hanging out with friends and family or simply chilling out in style!

With that in mind, we have put together a few tips to help you get your home looking its best in time for Christmas, so that you can enter the New Year in 2015, with everything looking and feeling just the way you want it to.


If you are blessed with a guest bedroom in your home, the chances are that like most people, you have a tendency to use this room as a bit of a dumping ground. If it has been a while since you last put up guests, this space is likely to be bursting with all of those irritating bits and bobs you have left in the ‘too difficult tray’ for later.

Well, later has arrived, so it is now time to get in there and get it sorted, ready for your extra guests over the festive season! Clearout the clutter, give it all a good spring clean and add some creative touches to make your guests feel special.


Even without a designated guest room, it is still possible to create additional sleeping space for guests when you need it. A sofa bed is an obvious solution, but daybeds are another great option, providing you with an attractive seating area that can transform into an additional sleeping space with minimal fuss or disruption.

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Christmas dinner on your lap is not going to cut it – every home should have a dining space for mealtimes and celebrations! You still have plenty of time before Christmas to get something delivered so if your home needs a table, or a new one for you and yours to share meals together in style, you should make this a priority. If space is an issue, consider an extending table or a table you can fold flat when not in use, as that way your space will be more flexible.

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For a quick refresh, think about adding a few glamorous scatter cushions, luxurious throws or a deep pile rug. These will add comfort and can be a great way to add a splash of colour and texture to a room and bring it to life with minimal effort!

If your seating space is limited, consider adding an upholstered footstool or ottoman as a flexible piece that will add luxury and comfort in an instant.


An inexpensive weekend projects can have a significant impact on the look and feel of your home. Have a look around with a critical eye and target one or two areas that look the most tired, as these areas will let you achieve the biggest impact.

  • Replace a tired carpet or update your floor covering for an instant refresh of a large area.
  • Add new curtains or a blind, to change, refresh and update your look.
  • Choose fabulous wallpaper for a feature wall. – Covering a small area allows you to splash out on something special.
  • Replace or restore an outdated or mismatched piece of furniture, adding a new focal point to your room.
  • Transform an old bed with a new mattress for extra comfort, or a new headboard to improve the way it looks.
  • Invest in a black out blind. – What could be more luxurious than a lie in? Particularly if you have children!


Every home has a few jobs on the snagging list; some jobs will of course be larger and more complex than others. Regardless of the reason your half-completed job has not yet been taken care of, this is a great time to bite the bullet and get it sorted, before the chaos of late December ensues! Set your mind on getting it done, or if it is not a simple DIY task call in a professional and have someone else take care of it for you.

Leave it until the New Year and the chances are you will still be looking at it in 12 months time!