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TV beds are one of those perfect combinations of two of my favourite things; TV and bed!

Lounging in bed at the end of a long day, or enjoying a lie in at the weekend, what could be more indulgent than chilling out in a big comfy bed catching up on your favourite TV programs or enjoying a film?

Going back a few years they were one of those unaffordable luxuries you would expect to see in celebs houses on programs like MTV cribs. But more recently, their popularity has seen more TV beds being manufactured, making them far more affordable for us ‘regular’ folk!

TV beds take all of the hassle out of having a screen in the bedroom. The television is concealed neatly inside the footboard of the bed and only ever needs to be on view when you actually want to see it.


Let’s face it a television screen is not exactly the most attractive feature in a room and large screens can be particularly dominating and ugly.

A TV bed gives you the best of both worlds as the entertainment is there when you want it, but when it’s not in use the television is completely out of sight and has no impact whatsoever on your interior design of the room.


It’s not just the screen that is concealed inside the frame of the bed, all of the wires are neatly tucked away and there is plenty of space to hide all of the other technology clutter including your sky box, DVD unit and so on.

This gives your bedroom a far more streamlined look. There is no need for brackets on walls, trunking to hide cables or cabinets to hold all of your equipment, – really good news for anyone who is challenged in the DIY department.


When you hang a TV screen on the wall in the bedroom, it is often not practical to centre it in a position where it can be viewed easily without obstruction because of the layout of the room. Watching television in bed can then become somewhat irritating – a bit like sitting behind a really tall bloke, or a woman with BIG hair in the cinema…

With the TV positioned centrally at the foot of the bed the whole family can climb in, with a tub of popcorn, fluff up the pillows, get comfy and enjoy an unobstructed view of the screen.


At the press of a button, your television rises from the footboard to entertain you and when you have had enough, one press of a button and it disappears neatly into the recess in the footboard. What could possibly be easier?

TV beds are stylish looking and practical. They make indulgent, lazy days a whole lot more fun and no other piece of furniture in your home could ever compete with them as the perfect accompaniment to a hangover day, or time spent recovering from any illness that was not self inflicted!