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Flicking through bedroom images in interior design magazines and online galleries, the rooms often look gigantic and this can be disheartening for those of us who have a modest sized bedroom, but want to achieve a similar look in our own homes.

The good news is that size is not everything. (Honestly, I mean it). With a few little tricks up your sleeve, you can work wonders with even the tiniest of spaces!


Boring and obvious yes, but a great starting point in any room in the home, especially the small ones where every square foot counts!

Go through your gear with a fine toothcomb and be ruthless. If you do not truly love it, need it or use it, liberate yourself by re-homing it elsewhere.


Efficient storage is crucial and in a small space and you are going to have to be clever with your bedroom storage if you want to create a streamlined look. Filling a small space with reams of furniture to fill with all of your worldly stuff is definitely not the way forward.

Clothing takes up tons of space in the bedroom so why not separate your seasonal items and put them away, then switch them back when the seasons change? You are unlikely to need your duffle coat and earmuffs in mid July and by packing them away you will have more room in any drawers or wardrobes for the items you actually need.

A storage bed would allow you to make use of all of the space under your mattress. There are so many different options available and they are an excellent investment for any home.


Choose your furniture carefully and keep it to a minimum in a small room. Avoid bulky items of furniture, which will make the space appear smaller.

It is generally safer to opt for a bed that has no footboard on it when designing the layout for a small bedroom, as you want to avoid any unnecessary obstructions to the space.

Guest beds are a great option for occasional sleepovers – when not in use they take up no extra space in the room…


Adding a mirror, or mirrors to your interior design is an instant trick for altering the perception of the size of the space and making it appear larger than it actually is. Mirrors are also excellent for bouncing light around a room.  If you were choosing a wardrobe for your room, a design with a mirrored front would be an excellent choice for a small space.


Maximise the natural light in the room by avoiding dark colours and avoiding any type of window dressing that blocks out your light. Switch a dark, heavy pair of curtains for a white pair and you will be amazed at the difference it makes. Allowing more light into a room will automatically make it appear larger and airier.


Every room needs a focal point to give it the wow factor and bedrooms are no exception. One plus side to designing and decorating a small room is that the overall cost should be lower than a larger space. Splash out on a unique piece of furniture and express your personality by surrounding yourself with accessories, fittings and furniture that you really love.

There is absolutely no reason why small bedrooms cannot be beautiful too!