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Our beds take up such a large area of the floor space in our homes that when you think about it, it makes perfect sense to use all of that space underneath them to store things instead of wasting it.

Great design doesn’t just look great, it is functional too – and storage beds are an excellent example of great design; beds that work that little bit harder for you by doubling up as a useful storage space.

Who Needs A Loft!?

A lack of storage space can make it really difficult to create the streamlined, uncluttered look so many of us strive for in our homes, particularly for those of us who have a small space to work with.

Storage beds are the perfect, practical solution, because they enable you to ‘disappear’ tons of your stuff, without making it awkward to access when you need it and unlike a loft, you won’t need a ladder and a torch handy to have a hope of finding your stuff!

Free Up Some Floor Space

Cramming an extra chest of drawers or a second wardrobe into a bedroom to create additional storage space for your bedding, clothing, shoes and other personal items can really mess up the layout of your bedroom and make it feel cramped.

A storage bed however, creates plenty of space to store all of those items that take up the majority of space in drawers and cupboards; i.e. spare bedding, towels, seasonal clothing, shoes and handbags, so you can do away with the extra piece of furniture, free up your floor space and create a more attractive, clutter free living space!

Easy Access

A well designed storage bed is fitted with a mechanism that will make sure it lifts easily, with minimum effort on your part.

In practice this point is pretty crucial, especially if you don’t have huge biceps or superhero strength, because it will mean you can always retrieve your things from under the mattress quickly and easily.

Choosing Your Storage Bed

HINGES – Some designs are hinged at the headboard whereas others are hinged at the side. Depending on the layout of your bedroom, this could be an important point to consider in terms of the way you want to access your belongings.

HEIGHT – Two important considerations here.

The first is the ceiling height in your bedroom. Make sure you have plenty of clearance space above the bed and don’t forget to factor in light fittings!

The second is the height of the bed base. Under bed storage varies in size depending on the design, so if you are looking for maximum space for suitcases and more bulky items, you will need to look for a bed with a deep base.

A Great Hiding Place

No, I’m not talking about hide and seek here folks, although come to think of it, the kids would never find you under there..!

Ok, so if you do decide to hide inside your storage bed, make sure there is at least one person who knows you are in there and love’s you enough to let you out at some point. Keep your mobile phone on you as a backup because climbing under there is likely to be one of those decisions that turns out to be a really bad plan.

I was actually referring to the hiding space as a good spot to store valuables and any other items you want to hide from view. Some manufacturers are now designing storage beds with a built in safe, but there is nothing to stop you fitting your own combination safe under the mattress.

How Did I Ever Manage Without One?

Once you own one that is the question you are going to be asking yourself.

How on earth did I ever manage without all that extra storage space?  So, when the time comes to purchase a new bed for any bedroom in your home, be it the main bedroom, a child’s bedroom or a guest bedroom, perhaps a storage bed is the way forward!